Watch Online Activities with Safe Eyes

Parenting in the modern world is not so easy. As a parent, one needs to organize many things. Not easy job always, but at the same time, it is rewarding and to be proud of. Parents have a big responsibility to keep their children safe from all types of insecurities, protecting them from any kind of inappropriate things and information. The same applies to the internet access as well, as during these days, children can found more times online than adults. A kind of parental control software is definitely required to keep an eye on kid’s internet activities. Children are exposed to all kinds of cyber threats, especially on social networking sites.

Safe Eyes parental control software comes to your help in such situation. It is a powerful internet filter program, available as a download. It is hard to skip through it without knowing an administrative password. After installing, setup can be done using a desktop icon. During setup, users can be added (or removed) with their configurations. While adding a new user, its type can be selected from a Young Child from 0-7 years, Teen with age range 8-13 years, Teen from age 14-17 years, and 18 years or above as an Adult.

While reviewing, we chose a Teen profile with the filter set to violence, drugs, pornography, and also set to use "safe searching" on various search engines. With the medium filtering mode, certain videos were blocked, explicit downloads from instant messaging (IMs) and internet chat rooms were also blocked. Access to the social networking sites was completely blocked in the above setup with default settings. The great feature of Safe Eyes application is that one can alter the default settings to suit their own needs.

  • Limitation can be put on the online time usage per day
  • Completely block chat rooms and IMs
  • Age group based content filtering options
  • Safe Searching feature for search engines so children can make searches on the internet sites without visiting any webpage with offensive content.
  • Usage on three computers for no additional cost
  • Immediate alerts system
  • Monitoring reports with details are available

Customer Support:
Safe Eyes has free customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days per week on the phone number 1-877-944-8080. Customers can send email for support on the link provided on the company’s website

Overall, Safe Eyes is a good tool while looking for parental control software. Parents can easily setup the program in minutes and get going.