Controlled Browsing with Webroot

Webroot Parental Control system is a great tool to help you take control of your child's internet activities. It supports you to enforce the guidelines for your children regarding the computer and internet usage.

When Webroot Parental Controls program is installed, a new user is created on the computer with name "cscontrols". Using this user, customization and editing of all user profiles can be set. Every family member can have suitable profile for his or her specific needs. It is easy with the pre-defined profiles those are already present in the application. The default profiles are available for: Child (below 7 years), Youngster (age range 8 –11 years), Adolescent (age range 9-13 years), Teen (age range 14-17 years), and Adult with age 18 or above. Filter for each type of user are different and more restrictions are placed on the younger to teen user types. Profile setup is a very easy and quick task. All the profiles can be placed on a single computer and every user can use his/her own profile while browsing Internet. Moreover, each profile is protected with a password which is known and setup by the person using the profile.

When tested for an Adolescent profile to surf the net. While visiting to pornography websites and web-pages, the URL’s was completely blocked giving no access to such websites. However, MySpace and Facebook -social networking sites were not blocked. If a parent wishes to block these social networking sites also, then the specific profiles can be edited manually allowing customization of Webroot to suit one’s need. The performance of Webroot with search engine is also not up to the mark even with
the "Safe Search" mode I s on.

• Objectionable websites and content are blocked.
• Detailed reports of internet activity for each profile type
• Scheduling features are also available
• Customer support via phone is free
• Can work on 3 computers in network

Customer Support:
It offers free customer support to its users on number 1-866-612-4227. Also available via email.

Webroot is good parental control tool software which blocks sites based on the profile of the user as well
as can also limit time spent on internet.