Protect Children From Cyber World

Sometimes, it is hard to argue with children about their computer and internet usage. Visiting the website without parent's permission which are actually not meant for children and the offensive content on those pages, irritates parents. It just becomes the end of parent's understanding and they want to stop this thing somewhere. But stopping the access to internet at all is not the answer. If done so, then children cannot enhance their knowledge which keeps them updated same as their friends. Parental control software, PC Tattletale comes to parent's aid in such conditions. With installation of this software, the headache is gone in few minutes. With this, parents can set web filtering for not just children but for whole family.

Parents can download PC Tattletale from the website and install the program. A control panel window appears with all the available options. These options include- Logging, Web Filtering and Scheduling, and lastly Web Watch. Under Logging, in default setting screenshots capturing and keystrokes recording is available. In addition, it will record windows opened, documents printed, text, pictures put on clipboard, and applications executed during a user session. Using Web Watch, parents can observe certain keywords usage and it will record web pages containing those keywords. Web Filtering allows parents to configure the websites those should not be accessed by children in any conditions. The Scheduling feature grants permission as when and how long children can use computer and internet.

The administrator user of the computer can check all the activities performed by all users during a day. This includes screen shots viewing, emails received and sent, websites visited, IM chat, clipboard contents etc.

  • Monitors all Websites, including social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook
  • Records chats logs and IM logs
  • Screen shots and keystrokes capturing
  • Emails monitoring

Customer Support:
The customer support from PC Tattletale is not so encouraging. For trial version customers, no telephone support is given. Customers who pay for PC Tattletale, free phone support is available for 14 days after purchase and then charge of $19.99 has to be paid for support thereafter. Email support is also available.