IamBigBrother 10.0: Local & Remote PC Reporting Software

IamBigBrother 10.0 is the most effective local & remote PC reporting software. Users can rely on its capabilities to keep in check activities on their computer from local or remote destinations. It has been launched by InternetSafetySoftware.com. It protects children from internet predators, cyber bullies and more when they are on a computer with internet connectivity.

IamBigBrother 10.0 is a legal computer monitoring application. It has to be installed by a person who is not a minor or child, he can be a parent. The software can be installed on a computer after taking consent of others users. These rules have to be followed while installation or else penalty will have to be paid for using it without legal consent.

IamBigBrother 10.0 can be easily installed on a PC system within minutes. It effectively captures screen shots of all computers activities like visited websites and all keystrokes made by users.

IamBigBrother checks both sides of chat and instant messaging. It monitors all popular chat applications like AOL instant messenger, MSL and Yahoo chat messenger. This monitoring software is also able to capture all emails sent by Microsoft outlook.

IamBigBrother 10.0 provides facility to use web mail form to contact customer support in case on any technical issue. It can be installed and used on computers with operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

IamBigBrother 10.0 computer monitor application is god for business persons and office tasks. It can protect computers at office from theft and unwanted access of important official files on PC system. It supports email applications like Gmail and Hotmail effectively. It captures all search phrases typed on search engines to visit specific websites.
The best part of IamBigBrother 10.0 computer monitor application is that it can be installed even on a remote computer to access all kinds of operating activities done by other users. It effectively captures all screen shots of visited websites and key strokes made by users.