Spytech SpyAgent : Real Friend and Protector of Your PC Against Spywares Virus Attacks

Spytech SpyAgent realtime spy software has been topped among all rankings of reliable PC protection soft wares. This is the best pro active product of Spytech Software and Design, Inc. It has robust features to protect your PC against spy ware, mal ware and unexpected virus attack.

Spytech Spy Agent has a special application which acts as a defender of Windows. It easily detects the presence of mal wares, spy ware agents and viruses. But users should remove all previous antivirus and anti mal ware applications before installing Spytech SpyAgent on their computers.

Spytech SpyAgent is quite different from other antivirus protection applications. At the time of installing it asks the user to create a password for that computer. This password prevents other users on that computer to change the settings of Spytech SpyAgent after installation.

Spytech SpyAgent has an Automatic Uninstall feature tool through which all previous PC protection applications are uninstalled from a computer. So there is no fear of clash between Spytech SpyAgent and previous applications installed for protection from virus attack and mal wares.

Spytech SpyAgent has a special monitoring application that can remove previous settings and log files from the computer on any destined date.

Spytech SpyAgent doesn't interfere with daily computer operations while running. It operates as a background scanning process to check threats in a computer. Thus it doesn’t drain system resources. The user interface of Spytech SpyAgent provides easy navigation management system to manage features of the application.

The customization options of Spytech SpyAgent realtime spy software are wonderful. They have setting options for screen shots, scheduled monitoring, logging storage options, content filtering, content blocking and computer lock down.

Spytech Spy Agent has an active internet surveillance feature. It tracks all options of internet connectivity and records/ transcripts all incoming and outgoing web mails. The monitoring software of Spytech SpyAgent also tracks all messages coming social networking sites like Face Book, My Space and Twitter.