Wordpress Blog - Redirect Non-WWW to WWW Address

Q. Why it is important to redirect Non-WWW to WWW Address or vice-versa?
A. As per search engine point of view, non-www and www are two separate websites. For example, http://www.mydomainname.com and http://mydomainname.com are two separate websites. The owner booked one domain but according to the search engines it is 2 websites. As both point to the same web content, we need to redirect non-www version to wwwe lse it will effect the search engine ranking.

The wordpress provides easy option to solve this problem. Even a beginner can redirect non-www to www website with some easy steps :
  • Login to your admin panel.
  • Select Setting in the left navigation.
  • A new page open, add www in the two fields : Address URL & Blog Address URL
  • Save the setting
  • Enter your blog address without www, it will redirect to www website.