TweetDeck's Alternative Seesmic Desktop, Small Twitter Tip

Seesmic Desktop is a complete communications program that allows comfortable communicating in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The program runs on Adobe Air which allows users to run Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) on their desktop.

Its innovative interface allows you to feel the pulse of millions of users or be inspired by individuals of your specific interest. Beginners learning to understand real-time can stay engaged and connected without even logging into Twitter, while experienced users can take advantage of Look's powerful features in creative and imaginative ways.

Seesmic Desktop has several columns, which can dilute different streams of messages; replays, direct and regular communication. It also got an advanced quick search button where the results are being displayed in a separate column. Seesmic Desktop runs on any operating system and it allows users to post pictures, download them or receive them through a web camera. It also allows you to create customized groups, such as "My family" or "My co-workers" which is a bit of a hassle. To create one, you simply click on the ‘Add’ sign next to "user groups" on the left navigation bar.

When it comes to searching it works in a similar way like tweetdeck i.e. when you search for a particular term you will see a window pane displaying the results, but the only thing is Seesmic Desktop lacks the button that enables you to "filter results" by searching for another term within the results.

Seesmic allows you to receive status updates from your friends on Facebook. You can update your status as well and lets you view other pieces of rich content on Facebook (pictures, shared articles) that appear in your News Feed. With its use of Facebook Connect, a technology that allows third-party applications to exchange and access information with the huge social network this gives the application an enormous upside ahead of tweetdeck.

Seesmic also helps users when tweeting a message as it integrates with a variety of URL shortening services, including, dig,, snurl, and twurl and as well as for pictures it works with the popular twitpic, twitgoo and moby pictures. Overall, the positives may include its design and its interface and the only negative, as mentioned earlier, is adding users to a particular group. Seesmic desktop is highly recommended.