Tips in Preventing from Spyware-Malware

Six Useful Tips in Preventing Spyware, Adware and Malware from Infecting your Hardware

Nowadays with online advertising always available it is so easy with just clicking your mouse to get infected with malware, spyware and other virus generating forces and so it is imperative that you get all the assistance you need to prevent all the trouble from starting and so by following some prudent advice can avoid having your computer crash on you or work in a slow and inefficient manner due to the barrage of problems caused by these online nuisances.

1. Make sure you do the basic and most important task of getting a firewall and popup blocker downloaded to your computer as well as a good antivirus program too. You may spend a little money on this but if you have spent several hundred or even thousands of dollars on your hardware than spending 30 or 40 dollars a year on the necessary defense is not something to even ponder over. It is a MUST for the safety of your machine and your privacy.

2. Do not download o share files from unreputable or unknown sources as this is where most of the problems begin and many people have compromised both their personal security and the security and privacy of their companies by downloading allsorts and sharing files on public instant messenger programs that leave users open to all sorts of vulnerabilities and attacks.

3. When checking your emails do not click on any links sent by phishing mails as this can sell disaster for you in many ways as you can get online processor accounts hacked as well as your banking information. This in turn can also create an onslaught of spam mail hitting your inbox. So try also to use spam protection in your email address too to minimize the onslaught of spam as much of this contains viruses and other dangerous additions that can ruin your hardware and compromise your privacy.

4. Do not tick any boxes in online license agreements until you have read all the fine print as many times this means that you may accept malware or spyware to come into your proximity. Many people have been bombarded with never ending malware due to signing up to this that and the other.

5. Make sure you check what you send and receive through your computer and do not just accept anything coming your way without checking it out first as it can be lethal for your computer’s health.
6. When creating passwords always make sure they are at least eight digits long with both numerical and digital combinations and try not to use the same password for more than one site or account. Using a password manager is also good so that you can avoid key loggers getting into your passwords and hacking you.


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