How to Clean out Your Computer Files

When working on our PC we can often build up a lot of unnecessary files which in the long run not only take up too much space but also can slow down our computer which makes our working time on it pretty inefficient. There are ways to clean out your files and keep them organized in an orderly fashion and you can either do this manually yourself or run special computer maintenance software which can re arrange and clean out your files by a process known as de-fragging. Once you defrag your files then your Windows operating systems will run much faster. To defragment your Hard Drive just pop over to the Start Menu, click Programs then choose Accessories then the system tools and finally hit Disk Defragmenter.

Please read up on the Windows operating manual so you can use the program it its best capacity for your computer needs before running it. You need to have at least 15% of free space on your hard drive before running this program so if you haven't try to delete some files first. Also several hours, depending on what you have stored on your Hard Drive.
When we delete files they usually go into the Recycle bin but even this needs emptying as it can get clogged up with useless files that only take up room in your computer so remember to empty this at reasonable intervals and empty to the trash area. There is also another way in which to free up space which is to remove all temporary files and you can do this through your Browser by clicking ON tools, then options then once you reach History you can delete these as they take up space you need for other items.

Windows also runs a Disk Cleanup program and to use this you just go to the Start menu and click on Programs then Accessories then System Tools and finally Disk Cleanup. This will help you get rid of old Windows programs you no longer wish to run, along with temporary files and the Recycle Bin. By cleaning your computer files our regularly you will also keep your computer running smoothly and fast which all makes up for better general maintenance of your valuable asset.