Is Windows 7 Vulnerable to Viruses?

Even though there are many dependable anti-virus programs available, people still ask this question. There is always a security risk with computers. If there is a new software, people will find a way to crack it. There is no stopping; everything has its own disadvantages. If you have upgraded or currently use Windows7, make sure to have your security software’s upgraded as well. Even though Windows 7 just recently came out, it is still vulnerable to viruses. In fact, the level of risk is almost the same as previous editions of Windows. However, the creators have done something smart with Widows 7. It has been programmed so that some of the previously existing viruses can not function on the new system. There have been several tests conducted with Windows 7 computers and the experts say we should still be very careful on the computer. Viruses do not only travel on the internet, they can be put on a flash drive (USB stick) as well.

The research was not conducted yesterday, so it is not something you can fully depend on. There are many viruses on the internet, and some are being created as you are reading this. So, Windows 7 is vulnerable to viruses. The best option is to stay alert and keep your anti-virus programs up to date. You do not want to lose all your important files, just because you didn't update it. Computers are like human beings, they can be affected by a virus. If not this virus, maybe the next one will harm the computer. Viruses are very dangerous and they can really harm your computer. In some cases, you might have to change several parts on your computer. It would really be bad if you got a virus on your new Windows 7 computer. It is always wise to stay alert and be protected. There are many anti-virus programs to choose from, but any program would do the job. As long as you run frequent test, your computer should be safe from threats. Windows 7 has been upgraded with some security fixes of its own as well, but it is not something that will stop a threat from entering your operating system.

If you want to be up to date on the latest Windows 7 vulnerabilities or security risks, then you can try searching for some forums. There are various forums being created on this topic. Nonetheless, you can visit the Windows support center online for more information.

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