Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

The latest Windows 7 is on a huge spike up the mountain. Everyone is switching to the newer version, due to stressing discussions about security risks. Soon, there will be no Windows XP; it is all going to be only Windows 7. The same applies to Windows Vista. It will be soon gone and there will be no software updates available. Microsoft has actually confirmed that they will no longer be unleashing any service packs or updates for any previous system software’s. Windows XP is set to be around only about until March 2011. However, you can still use previous operating systems, but they will no longer be supported by the creators.

Some programs on Windows may not be able to function properly because of the new updates. Due to this reason, there is a new program known as Windows XP Mode. It allows the user to view files and programs built for older versions (xp) of Windows. The software unfortunately does not cope with the home version of Windows 7, but works with all the other ones. The ability to run two programs at once is provided by Microsoft Virtual PC. The program will be useful for everyone on many occasions.

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