eBlaster 2010- Highly Ranked Computer Monitoring Software

Today numerous computer monitoring software have entered the PC market. But eBlaster 2010 has got a unique high ranking among them. This computer application is reliable and easy to use.

eBlaster 2010 remotely monitors a computer system and emails its report to the administrator of the system. Through this application computer monitoring task can be done through physical access or network sharing to view all report.

Most users purchase eBlaster 2010 version having facility of physical as well as remote access. This enables users to keep activities in check on their PC system even if they are at remote destinations.

For safe operations users should temporarily remove all antispyware, antivirus and anti-keylogger software. The user interface of eBlaster enables to install it on computers by using local or remote installation options.

In case of local installation of eBlaster 2010 the user has to be physically present on his computer. Remote installation of eBlaster can be done by sending an installation email with the attachment file. The email recipient on the computer should click on the attachment to begin the installation process.

The best feature of eBlaster 2010 is that it installs itself stealthily at the background of any computer. No application icon appears on the desktop or Windows task manager. In this way eBlaster 2010 is installed and works without hindering other operations of a PC.

eBlaster 2010 enables to customize its settings on a remote computer with internet connectivity. It sends monitoring report of a remote in every 60 minutes to the administrator. It automatically scans an internet connected computer when the user submits sensitive info like credit card numbers and bank account numbers etc.

eBlaster 2010 enables computer users to send secured emails on networks working on TLS protocol (Transport Layer Security). It can be installed on PC systems having Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows-7. It supports PC systems with 32 and 64 bits memory.