Elite Keylogger Pro Wide Step Security Software For Your PC

Elite Keylogger Pro is a wide spread security software that can keep your PC checked from threats like unwanted access, spyware and malware attacks. 4.7 is the latest version of this computer security application.

Elite Keylogger Pro has to be installed legally in a computer or else it could be treated as a spy ware by others. For legal installation of Elite Keylogger on a PC the user whether a parent or child, be 18 years old or above. They should do installation on the computer with the consent of its other users.

Elite KeyLogger Pro is also available in 7 days trial version. It can be tested before use. For installation of Elite KeyLogger Pro all anti spy ware and anti mal ware applications should be removed from a computer.

Elite KeyLogger Pro can be installed in visible and invisible mode on a computer. In visible mode the surveillance application can be seen on a computer by other users. In invisible mode settings are done in such a way that the monitoring software hides itself from other users on a computer. Only advanced computer users should attempt to install Elite KeyLogger Pro in and invisible mode.

After installation of Elite KeyLogger Pro the computer needs a reboot. During the new PC login session Elite KeyLogger Pro automatically gets activated and starts surveillance of every stroke made on the keyboard.

As a genuine monitoring application Elite KeyLogger Pro tracks all accessed passwords, IDs and much more. It also keeps a record of all visited websites and chatting sessions. The user interface of Elite KeyLogger Pro is well developed. It has categories like screen shots, keyboard strokes, internet activity, clip board, email and passwords. By clicking any category one can get revealed full details about it.

Elite KeyLogger Pro shows screen shots with a video playback, So you can see highlights of web pages that appeared on the computer screen.