PC Pandora Pro 5 PC Monitoring Applications With Screen Shot Features

PC Pandora Pro 5 has some effective surveillance settings. Screen Shot features make it the most durable computer monitoring application. PC Pandora Pro 5 is legal software, the main requirement for using this software is that user should not be a minor and if any PC is used by multiple users then their consent should be taken before installation. Violation of these terms makes this legal software as an illegal computer application.

PC Pandora Pro 5 can be installed in visible mode and stealth mode. When installed in visible mode its icon can be seen as a desktop icon and windows task manager. When installed in stealth mode, the application is not visible to other users on the computer.

Computer users can customize PC Pandora Pro 5 application in many ways. It can be configured well in all types of PC. The email reporting frequency of this software is also configurable well.

The Keylogger option of Pandora PC captures all keystrokes made by a computer user. The information recorded by this monitoring software includes website URLS, password and user ids. The screen shot player of Pandora PC Pro 5 is of DVD type. One can easily view all recorded data in it. It has file tracking abilities that may appear appealing to business owners.

Pandora PC Pro 5 monitoring software can be installed in computers having operating systems like Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It keeps in check all chat applications from social networking sites like Face Book, Orkut, MSN chat messenger, Yahoo instant messenger and My Space.

Keylogging and screenshot systems of Pandora PC Pro 5 monitoring software records content of all web based email clients like Gmail and Hotmail.
The user interface of Pandora PC Pro 5 has categories like snapshots, programs, websites, keystrokes, Email, web cam and file tracking.