Watch All Activities on Your Computer With a Spector Pro

Spector Pro 2010 is effective software that actively monitors all users operating a targeted PC. It has been ranked as no 2 monitoring software with many excellent features.

Spector Pro 2010 monitor computer software has advanced reporting and screenshot features. Introduced by Spector Soft Corporation it specializes in surveillance of a PC for education, business, job and home purpose. The installation process of Spector Pro has two needs. Firstly the targeted computer should belong to you, secondly if the computer is used by multiple users then they must be intimated about installation and setting of Spector Pro 2010 on that computer.

After completion of purchase of Spector Pro 2010 the company sends a confirmation email to the user. The email also contains all instructions for installing Spector Pro on the computer. Before installation of this application on a computer the user must remove previous applications of anti virus and anti mal ware.

The installation process of Spector Pro 2010 is very easy. It provides an auto operated installation wizard. The user is also required to set an administration password and sequence of hot keys for operation. The surveillance application features can be instantly refreshed or changed easily in Spector Pro monitoring software.

The process of uninstalling Spector Pro 2010 from a computer is very easy. It can be done by using the administrative interface of this application with a few mouse clicks.

Spector Pro 2010 has a marvelous remote viewing feature. Through it users of with a home network and local area network can easily monitor a remotely accessed computer having Spector Pro application. Spector Pro also has a slightly advanced version through which users can capture all activities on a targeted computer.

Spector Pro 2010 does internet monitoring on a computer with keyword alerts. For this purpose the administrator creates a list of keywords that represent questionable content or danger to the computer user.