Send Email to a Group in Outlook Express

What to do when you want to send same message to many people like your friends, relatives, colleagues etc. But its very easy to send the same message to many people in outlook express. You should create a group to send the same message to many. It is the time saving option and you can send message to many in few minutes.

Follow the instruction mentioned below to create a group in Outlook Express :
  • Click on Start> Program> Outlook Express
  • Click on the Tools > Address Book or you will find the icon of addresses icon in the toolbar.
  • Click the New button on your Address Book toolbar and click on New Group
  • In the dialog box, enter the name of your group and select members from the contact list. You can also add new people in your group. After selecting the members, click Ok.

To send an email to the group's people, type the group name in "To" field, write subject and your message in message body and send. The email will send to all the people added in the group.