Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights - PC Game Review

Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights as you can judge by the name is totally based on import car scene. If you don’t have any idea about import nights then simply it can be defined as super hot customized cars and super hot models and super cool DJs. The game fulfills all three features. But the most important thing is what the games deliver as far as car details are concerned.

The customization is totally insane and it would take you a week to almost fully customize your car. The total number of cars are ninety of which you can easily tune even the smallest bit of it. Rather than some minor changes you will actually see real changes such as visual and performance changes. Visual changes are quite impressive and you can change from a little side mirror to flip up doors now that’s something out of the box only few games deliver such customization. As usual you can change hood, spoilers, headlights and so on.

You can work out with different paint jobs and decals and a nice thing about that is when ever you purchase a car part from any company you get to unlock decals from that company, company offers discount if you purchase from that company again.

And as far as tuning process is concerned, its same time span as said before. You enter into an X-ray mode as soon as you start customizing your car. All of you cars parts open up and you can vividly see where the customized part are placed. As said before customization is insane. Besides tuning and visual you can also give a make over to you driver, features such as facial features and licensed clothing and what so ever. If you want to you can even create Vin Diesel.