Pure Game Review

Being a cool headed racer, I always use to nail the nitrous boost and load my bike’s suspension and launch myself in to the air. Hundreds of feet above in the mountains of New Zealand, with my ATV I am moving with a decent pace. Being an experienced racer, I pulled of a lot of tricks including the saddle flip and back flip in mid air. Landed like a pro, I speeded up on the next jump and finally landed again on tough Rocky Mountains with my aim touching sky.

My feelings always ponder into the games when I used to play them, the ATV racing from black rock studio with Disney interactive is typical pure moment.

The developers have achieved to finalize the climax before studio was purchased by Disney authorities. Basic aim of black rock is to route the simple things in their games but at that time they act differently by making wild, action packed and over the top kind of games which not thrills but also kills if tried in real life.

To be more specific, pure has depicted like race with a soul of extreme sports games. The main focus of this game is:

  • Hitting the racing line
  • Digging it to the corners at an ease
  • Most of the time the developers have shown special tasks which a common person can’t afford to do but pure performed them overwhelmingly.
  • Some tricks are worth noting, when you are in the air you can you can pull on the three face buttons by directing towards the left stick.
  • You can start off with level 1 tricks after that you can entirely come up with new tricks at level 2 and later on level 3, all these tricks are mapped on A, B and Y buttons of your XBOX 360.
The controls are awesome and tricks are wild, don’t get wild with those tricks in real life. Each trick is graded as fresh, tame and stale depending upon your landing time. Pure’s controls are easy to pick but really hard to pull down if you are new to this game. Enjoy and give full focus to the turning points during a ride on mountains.