XPCSpy Pro 3.41: Computer Application With Successful Screenshot Record Facility

XPCSpy Pro with 3.41 versions is a nice monitoring application for PCs. This computer monitoring software has successful screen shot record facility.

XPCSpy Pro is available in a 30 days trail version. So users can explore its benefits for their computer by using the trail version. This computer moniter application can be installed on a PC by a parent or non minor with the consent of other users.
There are no complications in installing XPCSpy Pro on a computer. Its user interface has a dated appearance. Navigation features of XPCSpy Pro 3.41 are straight forward and simple.

The software XPCSpy Pro effectively captures screenshots of visited websites, User IDs and passwords. Customizing features and configuration settings of this monitoring software are easy to manage and change.

Computer monitoring application of XPCSpy Pro 3.41 can be installed on computer systems having Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP.

XPCSpy Pro 3.41 has internet surveillance application that tracks Websites, recorded passwords and User IDs. This computer application has remote as well as local PC monitoring feature. It effectively captures screen shots from social networking websites like Face Book and My Space. This application delivers all info on login activities through file transfer protocols.
The user interface of XPCSpy Pro 3.41 computer monitoring application is divided into specific categories like websites, keystrokes, applications, screen shots and actions.

XPCSpy Pro 3.41 issues license in the name of purchasing user before installation on any computer of PC system. It has easy to use computer monitoring features by which users can keep a track record of login sessions, email activity, visited websites, chatting sessions and accessed files on a computer.

The built in keylogger system of XPCSpy Pro 3.41 enables users to track all email IDs and passwords on a computer system.