Guardian Monitor – Guardian for Internet

Guardian Monitor is strong software. Most of times, it worked well. In comparison with other professional and sophisticated applications, the user interface is just not at par.

The strength of this application is its Peer-To-Peer (P2P) functionality. With this feature, parents can observe their kids activities on Internet. What pages they browse, what files they download etc. These days, biggest concern of parents is illegal supply of copyrighted material. This is a nice feature which makes the application strong.

What Features?
Guardian Monitor software gives an option to run in "hidden" or "open" mode. This is a good feature for those parents who want their kids to know that their Internet activities are under observation.

How easy to operate?
The software is quite easy to use; however, as mentioned earlier, the user interface is not up to the mark. The contemporary user interface conventions are totally missing. So while using, it gives a feel of a traditional application that is written, may be, 10 years back. Sometimes the user interface of the application looks cheap as compared with the other applications in the market; however, functionally this software performs really well.

The software performed well in the expected areas, such as files being downloaded, pages visited, but, to the surprise, it could not track web-based emails. Other mechanism, such as, screenshots, have to be used.

Information Accessibility
As mentioned above the user interface is poor, so viewing the recorded data is a pain. The access of the computer where data is recorded becomes mandatory to have a glimpse of the recorded data.

Customer Support
Customer support cannot be rated as satisfactory as it is available only through email. This is a turn-off for some people. For any such software, a phone support becomes a must, at least on a single-call basis. The team behind Guardian Monitor provides support 12 hours a day, all 7 days of week. They also claim to respond most of the customer queries within 24-48 hours. The Support staff operation hours are not mentioned on the website, so not much information is available with respect to support.