Cybersitter for Your Kids

The Cybersitter 9.0 monitoring tool is not a bad choice but it certainly gives some frustration to the customer. At times the tools become a little over secured, and one may find some of the simple websites also get blocked.

This makes a good choice for the parents with younger children. If the children are old enough then this may not provide as a feasible option. Even though, it claims good monitoring capabilities, Cybersitter is a tool for objectionable content blocking and also in putting limits on the time; a child can use the computer. For other requirements, other solution will be required.

Cybersitter parental control software has more than 30 categories for clearing the content over internet. It is a great tool to set time limits on the computer usage by kids. It provides parents with flexibility to set up a family friendly internet configuration.

Like the high-end monitoring tools, Cybersitter does not have standard monitoring capabilities. But the latest version, 9.0, has some additional monitoring capabilities such as chat tracking. Cybersitter 9.0 also prohibits those computer savvy kids who try to work around the application’s functionality to visit the blocked sites.

Ease of use
It is over simple to be used by the novice computer user, in one way which is a good feature.

In version 9.0 has new features such as tracking of Instant Messaging program (IMs) as well as monitoring the websites and pages visited. Overall, when compared with the capabilities of other applications and their prices, Cybersitter is not a bad deal.

Information Accessibility
Cybersitter can be configured to send reports of the computer activity via email. But for viewing details, ultimately, one has to have a direct access of the computer under monitor.

Customer Support
Cybersitter has adequate customer support. The turn-around times are bearable and the queries are solved with accurate answers.