Easy Parental Control with iProtectYou

Protecting children, especially, who are technologically savvy is a tough job. Such kids want to constantly use internet to read and gather more information. An absence of parental control software, children can access any content on the websites which are not meant for them without any restriction. As the internet has many websites, which are not proper for any age levels; dangers exists when children visit such websites and it is parent’s responsibility to block children from using such websites. iProtectYou comes as a handy tool which allows parents to do exactly what they wish.

After the installation of this software, a "how-to" guide is given with the details of how to use the program to gain maximum security and control over the internet access of the family members or employees. It can be set up to be utilized in an individual or a group mode. It gives the tools needed to restrict web content and filter out unwanted contents. Each user setup is very easy and the control panel user interface is friendly enough for parents who are new to computer technology. Different features such as Internet Users and Groups, Timetable, Traffic Limits, Logs and Charts, and Settings will allow parents to set up a complete control system.

Internet Timetable allows parents to set up time limits in a day and blocking internet access during specified day or night hours. Users and Groups lets he administrator configure users and groups with different level of web filtering. Logs and Charts shows you reports on what each user accessed on the internet. Traffic Limits allows the administrator to set up restrictions to how many Mb are used daily. Settings give the administrator access to add trusted sites and newsgroups or manually add in websites or keywords which should be restricted.

Features :
• Filter for inappropriate web-pages, websites or newsgroups.
• Limit on time spent on internet.
• Control the data quantity being sent and received from the computer.
• Keywords based blocking for email, chat, IM, and P2P sites.
• Restriction on download and execution of programs
• Search engines with image blocking

Customer Support:
The technical support is available via the website SoftForYou.com, when purchased a full version. FAQ section is also available to get answers to common questions on the link http://www.softforyou.com/ip-