Quick Web filtering with My Nabyoo

My Nabyoo provides a quick and easy web filtering without much of customization tools. A download of My Nabyoo is available on its website. It can be set it filtering mode from Weak to Medium or Strong. With My Nabyoo parents can be rest assured that their children are under protection from inappropriate contents on websites. The user interface of My Nabyoo is clean and enough self-explanatory. "Settings" tab can be used to alter the settings for keyword blocking, chatting, and other P2P programs. Under "Security" tab, parents can change the program’s administrative password. Under "Blocking" tab, a list of websites to be blocked can be added. Parents can even write a customized message that is shown when somebody tries to access a blocked website. "Patrol" is used to prohibit or allow P2P file sharing and programs to run. Under "History", screen shots of online websites visited are available on a periodic basis. Parents can monitor kid’s online activities from kid’s being totally unaware of.

This is the interesting feature in My Nabyoo that allows parents to protect their children from exposing them to potentially harmful persons. Parents can also restrict showing any private information to other persons via internet. Many times, without knowing the danger, children give out their private information like full name, address, school they study which can lead to kidnapping, stalking and even worse dangers.

My Nabyoo also have a stealth mode for monitoring with which is not detected by kids or any users of the computer. When kids know, that there are restrictions on some websites or chat programs, they always try to find some new ones. In this way, it becomes never ending battle between parents and children. Stealth mode can be good answer to get rid of this problem.

  • Various modes to filter web content and images
  • Stealth mode to monitor under cover
  • Daily reports of pages and sites visited.
  • Block sites on keywords basis