CyberPatrol – Cyber Policing for a Family

Now, in every house, children using internet is a common thing. They need it for their studies, references, and extra knowledge. But while browsing, they may come across some objectionable matter which they should not read or view. Similarly, they may send some sensitive information over the internet, which may be harmful themselves and their parents. Looking at the dangerous side-effects, parents must protect children from such content present on the web. Parents can achieve protection by choosing good parental control software for the computer at home. CyberPatrol is one such up-to-date parental control software to help parents. With CyberPatrol installed on the computer, children can safely browse the internet web-pages and they are allowed to visit appropriate sites.

When CyberPatrol is installed, a browser, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox needs to be restarted. This will help the browser to read the settings done and make them effective from that very session. A control panel will appear on the screen from where all administrative tasks can be performed. From here, an administrator can create user profiles suitable for all family members. Type of the profile can be selected from the predefined list which has- Adult, Mature Teen, Young Teen and Child.

When tested with "Young Teen" user profile and web filtering also put on for all web-pages. This profile can also be customized manually if parents are savvy enough to achieve the exact desired level of monitoring. When searched using Google images for some terms, not all pictures were blocked.

Features :
  • Age appropriate blocking and content filtering
  • Admin can override all options
  • Customization at the full extent possible for individual profiles
  • Quick set up with Pre-defined profiles
  • Scheduling feature to restrict time spent online
  • IM and chat Log recording
  • Detailed reports to view internet activity

Customer Support:
CyberPatrol Customer Support via email is available on the link:

Representatives can provide help during business hours from Monday to Friday EST. Technical
Support is also available separately. FAQ and other knowledge articles also exist if one wants to find answers before going to Customer or Technical Support.