BrightFilter – Protection in the Virtual World of Internet

BrightFilter, a safe guard for the children a virtual world ok World Wide Web. Children can be vulnerable by visiting some of the objectionable websites. In the world of internet, any sort of information is available at fingertips. This becomes a danger in case of some curious kids who try to surf inappropriate content. The world can really be a cruel place. Fortunately, excellent software specially designed for parental control- BrightFilter is now available.

When installed, BrightFilter manages the internet access of all family members easily. One purchase can activate this software on 3 computers with no additional fees. Configuring the user setup is a task of just few minutes. Default setting can be updated to act more or less strictly for internet filtering. Any exemptions, if required, also can be set to override the default settings. To put restriction on the time spent on internet, the setting can be altered as required.

The program has easy instructions, with links that will help parents to reach specific screens and allow to change the default settings. Each user of the computer is given own password to log in and out from BrightFilter. This gives facility to apply different setting for different user types.

Features of BrightFilter :
Scheduling can be done to restrict internet access
Individual user profiles and passwords
Filters based on age level
Customizable website listing for allowing and blocking the access to the websites
Category wise blocking of sites
Pre-defined user profiles to suit all family members internet requirements.
Easy to install and uses.
BrightFilter also offers customer support online and by phone also.