TNA IMPACT Computer Game Review

Half of TNA IMPACT!s charm is that everyone involved with the fledgling wrestling promotion seems positively enchanted by the fact that they actually get to appear in their own video game. Prominent members of the roster were strongly involved in the title’s development, offering gameplay ideas and throwing themselves onto gym mats so that their finishing moves could be motion captured. Elsewhere, TNA has heavily promoted the game on their flagship IMPACT! TV show, replacing wrestler’s entrances with their in-game counterparts (we weren’t fooled). Heck, TNA superstar Kurt Angle even looked us straight in the eye during a press event and claimed ‘’Within 18 months, we’ll over take the WWE, and this video game is where it’ll begin’’. Mind you, he also claimed IMPACT! Would be the best game ever made, so it’s probably best to take his opinion with a truckload of salt. This isn’t to take anything away from IMPACT through it’s a decent first swipe at Smackdown’s throne.

Although IMPACT (let’s just refer to it as Impact from now on, eh?) and Smackdown are on the surface fairly similar games, Midway’s fresh approach to the genre is readily apparent. Take the story mode, which is a bit of a lumbering dinosaur in the Samckdown games because your choices, and even the match results, had little effect on how the storylines played out, and the 24/7 mode barely made any sense. To avoid this, Midway have decided to present a linear storyline based around an imaginary masked grappler named Suicide – a newly crowned TNA Champion who finds his life turned upside-down Fresh Prince-stylee when he’s set upon in a parking lot, later waking up in a bandages in a Tijuana plastic surgery clinic. Once your are done you just need to lead your newly defaced grappler from in front of an audiences f chickens all the way up to the TNA main event.