Batman Arkham Asylum Game Review

Having seen the box office pulversing movie, you might think the Dark Knight couldn’t get any well, darker. But Batman Arkham Asylum is inspired by Grant Morrison’s nightmarish graphic novel, one of the bleakest entries in the Batman canon. It’s free roaming actioner that pits Gotham’s savior against his old foes including The Joker, who’s triggered a nuthouse riot. Enter the Bat.

It’s in the shadows that Batman is most dangerous. From high on a ledge he can spy on bad guys using gadgets like an X-Ray visor to see who’s packing heat, before leaping in to surprise them (or making any move). Three buttons attacks, stun and throw to keep the combat most simple but also very brutal. Arkham is being made by the developers of urban Chaos: Riot Response, a game subtle enough to boast ‘persistent Blood is staining’ as a key feature. So expect plenty of pain.

Batman fills a combo meter when ploughing through hordes of enemies which powers up attacks and boosts experience points. These can be used to unlock new moves and toys, like Batarangs which are steered from a first person view when thrown. You also get a CSI style investigation kit, so you will be able to scan points or break out the black light to track a maniac’s blood trail.

Its fitting that a game starring the world’s grimmest hero trapped in the world’s nastiest institutions looks like a conflict one, part stealth and survival, part button thwacking bloodbath and part crime scene investigation. But while the developer is better known for crass ultraviolence, the brilliant premise and moody good looks, plus the fact that we are so hot for Bats right now – mean our hopes remain perched high for this one.