A review of Comodo firewall

Comodo Firewall gives you three levels of protection namely Basic Firewall, it is simple and gives basic protection, second has greater level of protection mechanism along with strong malware protection support, it is known as Optimum Proactive level defense. Third level has every thing from basic support to all the features of optimum defense apart from this it comes with information leak support of your PC. It is know as maximum proactive defense plus.

Comodo gives you freedom to choose according to one’s requirement and one can upgrade it any point of time. It takes little time and effort to install, while installing one can encounters new home page and other products etc. It may look little complicated but once you begin working with its programs, it becomes easy. It asks for permission every time a program needs internet connection, though such pop up may look annoying at the beginning but it smartly handles and decreases number of pop up due course of time as lets safe application pass by.

Comodo Firewall can be customized according to your needs but mostly people like to stay away from such complexities and let it run as it is. While using maximum proactive defense plus, you get alerts when any program tries to attempt any system changes like changing registry portions etc. You have choice of keeping this option on or off. A firewall is measured by its effectiveness than its interface.

According to matousec.com, set of tests for firewall, Comodo firewall is well ahead of its peers, it has been rated 95%, each time it has been tested, where as Norton Internet security’s rating has been between 66%- 711%, McAfee had 12% rate, Panda Internet’s scored between 4-12%, 11% for Zone Alarm and 72% for Zone Alarm Pro.

Well, Comodo firewall installing is a cumbersome process, once you completely download Comodo internet security package then only you can install application of antivirus, or any of the above mention three levels with 30 day trial support. While installing it changes some default features like ask.com as your search engine and hopsurf along with its tool bar as your default home page, you can very well cancel these options.