Vipre Antivirus + Antispyware 3 Review

Security and protection is very sensitive and important issue, it must be addressed well on time to avoid any major loss. Antivirus and antispyware are part of foolproof security system. This combination is widely used as it gives 360 degree security. Vipre Antispyware and Antivirus presents one of the most competitive and edgy security solutions. This combination ensures – regular updates, MX- virtualization sandboxing and securing your entire home based PCs by using home site license.

Sunbelt software presents Vipre system which protects you from spy wares, viruses and includes tool kits like worms, adware, key loggers, malicious scripts, dialers, Trojans and many other threats. This system ensures proactive protection by using advance techniques like MX virtualization. This kernel based antivirus security system; it is capable of warding off threats from any where.

Vipre has approval certification from west coast lab thus making it top notch anti virus performer. It follows advance technologies like Heuristic, to give you complete protection. Such features give viper ability to locate viruses or spy wares dynamically well ahead of attack. Installation process may take little time but certainly beats other player in terms of security. It uses 9.7 MB when sitting idly but amazingly its scan foot print with only 9.8MB. It gives efficient services to user with out slowing down the system.

It is simple to use with user friendly navigation and interface system, setting schedule, arranging settings keep running at the background with out prompting user to direct or follow. It is capable of protecting your computer form email threats, malicious files, thus stop spreading the virus to your contacts. It has many self active features are incorporated like removing malicious or sensitive files, clearing history and easier access to PC tools.

Vipre is also fully equipped to protect your computer from email-borne threats. The active email scanning will keep your inbox free of malicious files, and even scans outbound mail so you won't pass any viruses on to your friends/coworkers/family by accident. It comes pass word protection settings, gamer mode and automatic USB detection mode.