Why Gmail is Better than Others?

Gmail is a web-based email service provided by Google. The product of Google is always better than others, secured and user-friendly. Gmail becomes popular very soon because of some best features.

Why must a new internet user go for gmail account? The reasons are mentioned below :

Lots of Space :
Gmail started with 1gb space. Its growing daily. Now I have more than 7 gb total space. So there is no need to delete any
message for space.

Gmail Plus :
This plus feature is still new and very few people know about this. It means you can new account name with the help of +. For
example : peter+junk@gmail.com. Here a new account added with the help of plus. Still the mail delivered to your original
account. It becomes easy for you to create filter for the junk emails and label it easily.

Also gmail automatically identify the spam emails and move it to spam folder.

Search Emails Using Search Operators :

The search operator makes easy to search emails. Sometimes its difficult to remember these operators. So gmail has made
Search Autocomplete in Gmail labs to make search much easier. You can read details here :

Some of the operators useful to search email quickly :
"to:me" : Shows all the messages sent to you.
"to:me is:starred" : Shows all the messages sent directly to you that are marked starred.
"from:ricky filename:doc" : Shows all the messages from Ricky with attached document file.
"from:ricky -in:starred" : Shows all the messages from Ricky that are not starred.
"is:chat from:ricky" : It shows all the chat conversation between you and ricky.

Easy to Configure Gmail Account on Outlook Express :
This is one more special feature of gmail account. Its easy to configure it on outlook express and you can access it using
POP3. For configuration, you need to log in your gmail account and check the instructions available under Setting > Forwarding and Pop.

Ajax Features of Gmail :
You can go somewhere in the mail without refreshing the page. The Yahoo, Hotmail, etc are not using this feature. Google made
ajax very popular. Google Map and Gmail are made with the help of ajax. Gmail is more secured as compare to other
web-based email service.