Tips to Speed Up Computer

One of our biggest nightmares when working on our computer is when it runs slowly. No one likes a computer when it goes slow but if you can't afford or don't need to replace your current hardware then here are just a few hints and tips that may bring back your machine up to the desired speed.

1. Firstly increasing your Virtual Memory can do wonders for your computer. This memory is your storage tank and if it s already clogged up with a lot of useless or outdated information it may be time to give it a good clean and to empty it out in order for it to be able to store more current and useful information. Music downloads and games can take up a lot of memory so maybe the ones you no longer need can go as well as other files like pictures or other items that need not be hogging your computer's memory anymore.

2. When downloading music always make sure you do a good clean and make sure you haven't picked up any nasties while downloading. Also delete immediately those files you won't need long term and don't necessarily need access to again for now.

3. Regularly check the speed of your computer. Do this at least once or twice on a monthly basis. You don't want any viruses slowing your machine down or spy ware attached. You can easily do this exercise through what is known as a pc scan but make sure you use a well known pc scan company with a good security status as there are bogus ones running too which often leave you viruses instead.

4. Make sure you install a good security package on your computer which can save you a lot of hassle in the future. Get good spy ware and virus protection and good firewalls. Check the security available on your browser and then add some more security through other good companies that offer even more protection.


Paul said...

Great post. Now a days computers has become an important home products, surely this post will be an useful one.
The quality of the package is an important one so care should be take while installing.

Slow Computer said...

It's so easy for a Windows PC to get clogged up with useless files and registry entries, over time. What I do is to reinstall the OS every year. It's the only way, start from a clean install.