How to Create Fake Adsense Report

Create Fake Adsense Screenshot - Internet Tips

Suppose if you want to create a fake report of your earning through google adsense and send it to somebody then how you do it. I know what you think? But it is the time wasting if you think about the adobe photoshop and print screen. I know what will you do? I know you open the photoshop and press the print screen button to take the snapshot of the earning report then paste it in the photoshop document and then edit the text value.

It takes 10-15 mins. But you can save your time and edit the text value without taking the snap shot of the page. After finishing the editing of the money value in your adsense account take a snap shot and save it as gif file and send it to the concerned person.

One line java script code will save your time and you do it in few minutes. Lets start :

1) Open the browser either internet explore or mozilla firefox.
2) Open google and through link go to the adsense account page.
3) Login to your account and select all time earning report.
4) Now paste the following code in the same address :
javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0
5) Click on any text in the page and type any word from the keyword. You will find the text of the page replaced by the word you typed.