Difference between Web Hosting and Cloud Computing

Web hosting and cloud computing are two terms of common usage these days. They are two key advances in the field of information technology. The purpose of both of them is the same which is to enhance the ability of computer systems to share knowledge amongst each other. This sharing of intelligence has led to faster and efficient knowledge base systems. The Information technology services sector has benefited from this advancement. The process of software development has speeded up. High quality information systems can be delivered to customers in no real time.

But the question is,' what's the difference between the two'? As the name suggests web hosting is related to the hosting of website on a server. A web hosting company is mapping the name of your website to a specific IP address. Every time a user types the name of your website in the address bar of his browser a request is sent to that IP address. A dedicated server processes this request and sends the appropriate response to the client machine. Thus the user is able to view all the information on his computer. So every time you come across the term Web hosting India, please do not get confused with cloud computing.

Cloud is a collection of information posted on a cloud server and can be made available to any person who purchases its services. Let's say I have a banking system and I have implemented most of the processes that a bank would usually perform into my software. If a bank wants to have s system of their own they can simply purchase my services and modify it according to their own needs. Cloud computing has grown in developing economies like India too. Don't be surprised if you come across words like Web hosting India or cloud computing India too frequently over the internet.