Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting

Web hosting is no more an unknown terminology to us and with a boom in service sector; web hosting service has opened an altogether new vista in the world of information technology. Web hosting service is a service provided by server owning companies to individuals and organizations, by means of which website are made available to public through world wide web. Precisely, they provide a space in the net via which companies can make their website seen by the world. There are numerous categories of web hosting services and some are free of charge whereas some are to be paid for. There are a host of other types of services including Reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, just to name a few. However we will keep ourselves limited to free and paid web hosting.

Free web hosting service is usually coveted by new users who have a minimal amount of information to be displayed in the web. Size of the files displayed or hosted in this case is limited in this case and in comparison to paid web hosting, bandwidth provided is very less. Adding to it the service provider retains the right to display advertisements and provide banners and advertisements on the web pages of the guest. The guest, in this case the one who has taken the service for free cannot have a say in this regard and the generated revenue thus goes to the web hosting company whereas in case of paid web hosting, the company gains only by the monthly hosting fee which is paid by the guest company. The entire revenue generated by the guest company through advertisements and banners goes to their own pocket in this case. Thus professional site owners are the ones who gain from paid web hosting. Truly speaking nothing comes free in life and paid web hosting offers a completely unique website domain to the guest. Free web hosting has its drawback here too and the domain name of guest website can start actually with the name of the hosting service provider company. With fair share of advantages and disadvantages both are widely prevalent in the intriguing world of web.