How to Find IP Address of a Sender in Gmail

This post helps you to find the IP address of the mail senders to your account. If you want to find the IP address of a sender then its easy. The mail you received contains the mail item with the Ip address of the sender. With the help of IP address you can also know the location of the sender. It can not possible to find the IP address of the person sent you mail by using anonymous proxy servers. The IP address of a sender is found in the headers enclosed between square brackets. Here is the step-by-step information that helps you to find an IP address of the sender in Gmail account.

1) Open gmail account and enter your user id and password.
2) Choose any email and open it.
3) Click on the inverted triangle beside reply in email header, select show original.
4) Look for Received and you will find the information in this way "Received: from [] by xyz465.mail.***"

You can find the IP addresses of the senders in Yahoo, Hotmail and Rediff mails. I will add more interesting posts later. Let me know by email if you want any help related to this post.


Anonymous said...

doesnt work sometimes..dont know when it does or does not. maybe if the sender uses gmail it does not. anyways i see a bunch of private 10.x.x.x IP's for received server IP's and no mention of the Sender's IP.