Applet Format

[CODEBASE = codebaseURL]
CODE = appletFile
[ALT = alternateText]
[NAME = appletInstanceName]
WIDTH = pixels
HEIGHT = pixels
[ALIGN = alignment]
[VSPACE = pixels]
[HSPACE = pixels]
[< PARAM NAME = appletParameter1 VALUE = value >]
[< PARAM NAME = appletParameter2 VALUE = value >]


Codebase - It contains the applet's code directory or folder in the URL.
ALT - Display the attributes if the browser unable to run applet code.
WIDTH (in Pixel), HEIGHT (in Pixel) - It is the area in which applet display.
ALIGN - It align the applet display in left, centre, right, top, baseline, bottom, etc. I will explain the rest of the attributes soon.


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