Taj Mahal - A Monument Where Stones Speak the Story

I have visited India several times. But i am not just motivated with typical spirit of discovering India. For me, India is like a holy pilgrimage that is must to visit always. In my list, Taj Mahal is always in top.

Taj Mahal in Agra district is a pilgrimage of a different kind. If you love anybody and know not how to immortalize your love. Go to this white marble architect and see how a poetry creeps in the stones and immortalizes love from the savage Time.
Religion, culture, music, architect, nature all unite here to make it a must sightseeing. On left and right of Taj is two Muslim Mosque shaped architectures of red marble and backside is flowing the Yamuna river making an amazing curve. Four tall minarets of white marble accommodate two graves of loving couples- Mumtaz Jahan, and Shajahan. This squared size area is raised high with white marble walls calligraphed of the Quranic verse in Arabic and capped with Dome.

I felt every corner of the Taj Mahal is taken a different aesthetic feel. Thousand feelings and emotions keeps overwhelming as long as you would stay there. Pity for Loving couples. Proud on their love. Shock who were gifted by cutting both hands. Thrilling with kissing of waves to Monuments. Dedication to religion which is purely love. Taj Mahal Keeps playing with your senses of feelings.

I felt sorry for those small kids and poor and unlettered people who shaped small images of Taj by their hand and insists every tourists to purchase it at very very cheap cost. They do it just for livelihood. You can see them waiting for the buyers or running behind the tourists. Near this Royal Taj Mahal how life is difficult for its people! Locals wept me about dirty politics being played with Taj Mahal and its people.
That is why I love Taj Mahal and every three to four years I use to come to show my humble presence.


deepika said...

hi Hem, it is good that we youngsters respect our nation and its heritage so much. We at the same time have begun understanding feeling called LUV. bt 2 tel u Taj Mahal doesn't only speak of its love history bt also showcases a stupendous architecture whose cloning is nt only difficult by impossible.